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Blogging has certainly come a long way since the dry lists of visisted websites in the "weblogs" of a host of late nineties anoraks! From hobbyists, serious marketers to sports personalities and political bloggers with influence it's a platform which continues to go from strength to strength and moves with all of the latest technological innovations seamlessly. How to blog, how to improve at blog writing, how to monetize your blog, publicise your blog, all of these subjects interest me greatly and I will be posting articles about them as I learn more and build my blog up.

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Setting an analytics benchmark

When starting off any kind of analytics reporting it is always important to set an analytics benchmark against which you can measure your success. Seeing as I am still in the first month of making this blog live I think my benchmarking process is going to be pretty straightforward! As you can see I got […]

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Clearing spam URLs after a hack

Having followed through with all the post-hack clean up tasks supplied by I realised that there was one more task to complete. I needed to to go through a process of clearing spam URLs from the Google index. Most blog hacks relate to creating spam pages on your blog (and your domain) to point people […]

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