Clearing spam URLs after a hack

Having followed through with all the post-hack clean up tasks supplied by I realised that there was one more task to complete. I needed to to go through a process of clearing spam URLs from the Google index.

Most blog hacks relate to creating spam pages on your blog (and your domain) to point people to all the usual stuff like selling bootleg pharmaceuticals etc.

What this means is that there could be a long list of spam pages in the Google index for your site.

There is a very simple way of checking this. Simply –

  1. Go to google
  2. Type in

This will list all the pages that Google has in it’s index for your site.  You can see very quickly if any of those URLs shouldn’t be in there.

If you discover that there area number of spam URLs listed for your domain then you need to submit a request to Google to remove them via Google Webmaster Tools.

These days, Google seems to remove these pretty quickly. I Submitted a whole list yesterday and they have been removed already today.

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