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Niche research tips #1 – One product. One solution

One of the best niche research tips that I have come across is “One product. One solution”.  But what does this mean and how does it help your niche research exactly?

Well, this applies to all kinds of niche research, not just those people looking to create information products.  The idea is very simple.

Let’s say that you are interested in putting together a product about Internet advertising.  When you start to brainstorm what it is that you know about the subject and start to do some other research it is very easy to become overwhelmed with information. You will also start to realise that putting your product package together is going to take a lot longer than you thought.

But here’s the thing. Not only is producing a product on a theme that is too broad not good for your timescale (or your patience!), it is not good for your customers either.

People who are searching for things on the Internet are very rarely looking for comprehensive guides. More often than not they are trying to solve a specific problem and your job is to provide them with a product or information that will solve that problem and that problem only.

Once you have identified a niche that you want to work in, the next thing to do is to try to break that niche down into as many sub-niches as you can. So, going back to my earlier example of Internet advertising your initial list of areas that you have personal knowledge may be –

  • Banner advertising
  • email marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • ad swaps

Now let’s say that you decide that your main knowledge is in Pay Per Click. This niche can be further broken down –

  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn ads

Now you are starting to get some focus on the areas that you could work with. You can start to research each sub-niche to see what questions people are asking online and how that niche can be further broken down. Let’s say that your experience is mainly with Google AdWords, what areas of Google AdWords could you focus on? –

  • Writing Ads
  • Improving Quality score
  • Best use of Ad Extensions
  • Bidding strategies
  • Campaign and Ad Group structure
  • Conversion tracking
  • Improving click thru rate.
  • Landing pages

When you start getting down to this level you will start to see that some niches have questions that are being asked over and over again. This is how you can start to get a sense of what your topic should be.

So you may find that people are having a lot of problems writing ads in their AdWords campaigns and are getting low click thru, low quality score, low conversions and expensive traffic.

Therefore, putting together a product purely about writing good ad copy could be your chosen niche. You are producing one product that offers one solution (How to write great ad copy) to one problem (under performing ads).

Having a product which is focussed specifically on a tight niche means that it is easier to –

  • write your sales copy as you only need to focus on one problem that you solve
  • understand your target market
  • convert a high percentage of your visitors (because your traffic will be very focussed)

This also enables you to build a customer list that you market other related products to.

Finally, the beauty of this approach is that it doesn’t just apply to products. It is a very good discipline to get into when writing your web page copy.  Every page on your website should solve one, specific problem and have a clear call to action to what you want the reader to do next (even if it is to move onto to further reading, it doesn’t have to be a direct sale).

A website put together in this way not only converts highly but is also loved by Google. It will be very clear to their crawlers what subject each page is about.

So when you are researching niches, remember the mantra “One product. One solution”.  It’s not only easier to write about. It’s easier for your customers to buy.

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