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Setting an analytics benchmark

When starting off any kind of analytics reporting it is always important to set an analytics benchmark against which you can measure your success.

Seeing as I am still in the first month of making this blog live I think my benchmarking process is going to be pretty straightforward!

analytics benchmark audience overview from google analytics

As you can see I got up to a whopping 7 sessions in the last week of June.  Seeing as I think that all of those sessions were me (I haven’t filtered out my IP address from the traffic reports yet) then I am, in effect publishing to nobody at the moment.

Unless you are starting a blog which is attached to an established website or linked to by one, then this is the stark reality.  At first, the posts that you are lovingly putting together and thinking about during those lucid moments of driving , waiting etc. are being read by nobody.

Just rolling up a newspaper and shouting into it out of your window would more than likely draw a bigger audience.

But hey, you have to start somewhere! And here are 5 good reasons why publishing to nobody is not a problem

  • You are only learning and right now, any mistakes are hardly noticeable.
  • the search engines can see that you are adding content slowly and methodically and building traffic over time. This is the best message you can give them (rather than coming straight out of the blocks with 100 fully optimised posts – Spam alert!).
  • You are still building your habit. These posts may have a pretty low profile but you are forming a habit that is going feed your blog for a long time to come.
  • Some things, like editing your theme or WordPress widgets, configuring your SEO, building your tag and category structure, can only really be learned when your blog is live. Before that, it all feels like theory.
  • It’s not just your analytics that you are benchmarking. The quality of your writing will be improving too and best to get the first few posts out “under the radar” while you’re learning.

Other aspects I will be using for my site benchmark will be –

  • # of visits from organic search (currently 0)
  • # of phrases that brought in traffic (currently 0)
  • # of sign ups to newsletter list (currently 0)
  • £ raised through affiliate links (currently £0)
  • £ donated to charity (currently 0)

I may be considering some other metrics to measure visitor quality but I will cover these as I set up my analytics dashboard.


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